Since I created this matchbox back in February 2014, people have been asking for a detailed written tutorial, to accompany the tutorial video found on my YouTube channel. Well, here is the written instructions, so I hope they clear enough for you all! Enjoy :)

* Using a piece of card stock that is 20.3 x 20.3cm (8″ x 8″), line up an edge on the Envelope Punch Board, punch and score once at 7cm (2-3/4″), then continue all around the piece of paper until you have a notch on every edge. Then slide the paper across, so your left hand edge aligns to 9cm (3-1/2″), and punch and score. Continue around the piece of card stock until all sides have 2 notches each.
* Fold one of the narrow ends over at the first score line (closest to the point), and punch in the middle, at the 5cm (2″) mark.
* Take your paper snips and snip down ONE EDGE ONLY of the tiny tabs either side of the narrow ends – these act as stabilising arms for the tray.
* Start folding all the score lines. On each flap, fold at the first score line (closest to the point), then use your fingers to manipulate it into folding over again.
* Once all the flaps are scored and folded, start gluing. Use mini dots or Sticky Strip on the tabs, and liquid glue such as Tombow on the main flaps. Stick the little tabs in first, then glue the flaps.
* Take a piece of Designer Series Paper, cut to 8.3cm x 14.4cm (3-1/4″ x 5-11/16″), and adhere it to the base of the tray.
* For the inner pop-up supports, take 3 pieces of card stock cut to 2.5cm x 8.5cm (1″ x 3-3/8″), and score each of them at 1.2cm (1/2″). Fold and secure one edge of the flaps to the bottom of the tray. Make sure you use a gift card in the tray to size up where the back support will sit, if you are planning on popping a gift card inside.
* You can now stick down all your flowers/ butterflies etc to the pop-up inserts. Be mindful of the width of the tray and how far you stick your objects. Use small strips of acetate/window sheet to stick behind each support for stability and extra ‘spring’.
* For the outer sleeve, take a 14.8 x 22.2cm (5-13/16″ x 8-3/4″) piece of card stock and score (along the 22.2cm edge) at the following on your Simply Scored board, or Stampin’ Trimmer:
1.6cm (5/8″)
10.1cm (4″)
11.8cm (4-5/8″)
20.7cm (8-1/8″)
* Fold along the score lines and seal with adhesive. It’s a good idea to place your tray inside the sleeve when you seal it up, so that it fits properly.
* Glue a piece of Designer Series Paper, cut to 7.2cm x 13.4cm (2-13/16″ x 5-1/4″), to a piece of card stock cut to 8cm x 14.1cm (3-1/8″ x 5-9/16″). Then adhere this to the top of your matchbox.
* On the underside of the matchbox, is where you write your greeting or message. You can stamp a sentiment on this side, so if the outer sleeve isn’t white, you’ll need to glue an additional piece of white card stock to the back to write on. Cut it to 8cm x 14.1cm (3-1/8″ x 5-9/16″).
* You can now add embellishments to the outside of the matchbox, such as a label sentiment, or extra flowers, butterflies, ribbon etc.
* After you have made the matchbox card, you’ll need to make an envelope to fit it. Take a 25cm x 25cm (9-13/16″ x 9-13/16″) piece of Designer Series Paper, line it up along one edge, punch and score at 10cm (3-7/8″), and move across to 13cm (5-1/8″), then punch and score. Continue along all edges until all sides have 2 notches.
* Fold along all score lines, and discard the little tabs in between each flap (about 1-1.5cm square). Seal up the envelope, but leave one flap open for you to pop the matchbox card inside.

* All done! :)