Hello again! How have you all been? I’ve been busy working with my other job, so unfortunately, my love of papercrafting has had to take a back seat for February.

One thing I am definitely taking part in, is the #imbringingbirthdaysback revolution that Shannon West at Stampin’ Up! in the US, has started! It’s a brilliant idea, because it’s letting your card recipient know that you’ve personally thought of them for their birthday –  not just been notified by Facebook! ;)

Here are a couple of cards I recently sent out to some January ladies.


IMG_0038IMG_0039 If you’d like to receive a card from me, contact me with your birthdate and postal address, using the link at the bottom of this post. Why do you take part in this fun challenge too? Don’t forget to use the #imbringingbirthdaysback hashtag when sharing your creations on social media! :)

‘Til next time x

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